Bonnie’s Double Square Star Quilt

Welcome to Crafts In The World, if you are looking for a new pattern, well you just found the perfect pattern! Bonnie’s Double Square Star Quilt is a beautiful model and has graphics to facilitate the assembly of the piece, so you can make and make your home even more charming and with a special touch. Handicrafts are a branch made up of different types of work, such as quilt and the models can also vary, such as various decorative pieces for your home… such as bedspreads, decorative towels, rugs, even accessories and whatever your creativity allows! It has become more and more known and ended up being used a lot mainly in homes to decorate, you don’t have to like it, because there are different types so please all the public!

There are several ways and styles of making a quilt, so you can do it the way you like it. One of the best qualities is the low cost when assembling the pieces, because with a simple thread and needle it is possible to make an amazing quilt to decorate your home. Check out this beautiful model and stop wasting time, leave laziness aside, insecurities, fear and start this project now! Since the quilt allows us to make changes, you can make bedspreads with natural threads (which are raw) or use colored ones, are found in different colors and in stores, haberdasheries or with any line of your preference that you already have at home.

But as you have freedom and everyone thinks in a different way, why not join the raw thread with the colored thread, allowing you to create details along the bedspread, like flowers, other designs or if not just some abstract shape, for sure what you do will leave your pattern with a unique touch. The style of the bedspread will depend a lot on the location you will place, but being used in the bedroom or living room, it will leave the environment with a more relaxed decor, light and completing the whole look. These quilt models are practical to make, that is, you will like to make your bed and as if it were not enough they mess up so easily when sitting on the bed.

For women who want financial independence, whether starting their own business or just working to supplement their monthly income, crafts are a great option and there is no better thing than working with what you like to do! You can make blankets and sell them to your friends, family and over time creating your customers. As the material is cheap, the profit consequently becomes higher, so it is great. Do not be confused and do not forget that although it is easy to do, anyone will require dedication and patience when composing the piece.

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