Circle Granny Square Crochet

Welcome to Crafts In The World, Grandma Crochet’s Square Circle is a simple colored square but its end result is surprising, it is super delicate. Perfect for making blankets or other models, these projects make the environment more cozy, comfortable and beautiful, in addition to being very easy to do. This type of technique has become increasingly useful as decorative pieces, which complete the look of the house. It is a square with a very different and stylish design, it can be used to make projects with different shapes and types. A blanket made with this square will leave the atmosphere cheerful and modern, the special and unique touch of this pattern is the circle in the middle of the piece. With the choice of the right colors it is a perfect piece to decorate the environment, you can use neutral or vibrant colors, everything depends on your decoration; but it is very important that it is harmonious.

This is a job that can be done little by little and with what is left of other jobs, make the most of your materials. You can make the amount you want and transform it into whatever you want, be it a blanket for your sofa or your bed; creativity in handicrafts has no end and with the passing of the years it is more and more modern, so stay informed and stay on top of news. Grandma’s Circle Square Crochet a beautiful square pattern that has a stylish effect, any work done with this stitch will give a special touch to the decoration and leave your home with a touch of sophistication.

Squaring the Circle Crochet Pattern Tutorial - spincushions

The square suggested here is a simple job, but with an incredible result that makes every dedication worthwhile. The colors of the images are just a suggestion, so you can get an idea, but this is very personal. Often the mixture of colors can be fun and interesting, but be careful not to make the wrong combination and leave the place with a coarse touch instead of delicate. This work is simple but has a delicate design and an excellent finish. Did you like and want to make this Crochet Square Granny Circle?! All you will need is to separate your material, follow the tutorial carefully and even finish keeping calm; so everything will go as planned and you will have no difficulties,

The delicacy of this piece makes the result incredible and very delicate, drawing attention for its beauty and modernity. Colorful and cheerful is the type of piece that animates any environment and if it is done in neutral tones it leaves the environment chic. If you work with it, it is important that you have many options, so that your customer chooses what pleases him the most and it will also be difficult to lose customers due to models or colors, don’t forget that!

The materials you need:
– Wire;
– Darning Needle;
– Point marker (optional);
Hook: Use the recommended hook size on your wool ball stripe.


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