Create A Striking Quilt From Bear Paw Block

This beautiful bedspread makes creative use of Bear Paw blocks and makes their design attractive. Colorful prints and more vivid tones shine on a plain background, but for this use a contrast color and so you will see the sharp background. We can say that one of the most difficult parts is the choice of colors and prints, but keep in mind, a bedspread will be wonderful in any tone or theme you choose. Start with a 2 1/2 “jelly roll and choose a complementary bottom and border. The simplified construction makes this quilt easy to complete. A finished quilt is 62” x 79 “. The word patchwork comes from the English language and means work with fabric scraps. The job itself is the process of sewing these pieces of fabric together to form a larger piece – the block – and the joining of the blocks, or final piece, is called a worktop. Two more layers are added to the top, the blanket and the lining. This finished and properly sewn work is called a quilt.

Get to know the report of an experience about the formation process of a group of literacy teachers from the São Paulo state network, who resumed the memories of the literacy period, bringing to the fore the imaginary of this phase of childhood, which they work with their students. This was the methodological strategy chosen by the advisor, to address the theme “childhood” in one of the continuing education meetings offered by the National Pact by Literacy in the Right Age (PNAIC), in order to enter the imagination of these literacy teachers and provide self-reflection on their teaching practices. Missing this moment of life for children were painted on individual scraps and when sewn, they join together in line with the knowledge and experiences of this collective. The teachers’ paintings were analyzed based on
a script with pre-defined criteria / elements.

Ver a imagem de origem

Such a script allowed a guided observation and outlined a panorama that revealed the images that each one brings and makes of themselves, that guide their social behaviors and give clues to how they recognize themselves as teachers. The Patchwork Quilt was understood as an account of the relationships woven by life stories and they showed themselves loaded with feelings and emotions kept from a distant time. Bringing this Imaginary to the surface is yet another thread to the fabric that attaches to the remaining set evidenced through the Social Representations. In other words, it is a way to trace from different angles, the traces of the origin of the meaning revealed by the paintings made by this group of teachers, trying to baste relations between the social and the individual.

To apprehend the images of the Patchwork Quilt consisted of a movement of confluence with what we experience and what we are, unraveling in a cyclical and self-formative process, where the complexity of each flap, added to several others, singular and amalgamated, are ended in the consistent whole of the flaps that make up the bedspread. Did you know that the word quilt comes from the Latin culcita, a kind of mattress or cushion filled with something soft and warm (as well as feathers, wool or hair) and used for laying or covering. Quilting, which means quilting, and Patchwork are partners in the world of crafts, and have been together for thousands of years. Watch the tutorial as Jenny Doan from Missouri Star Quilt. You will need the following supplies to make this quilt.


Ver a imagem de origem

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