Lazy Days Four Block Quilt

Welcome to Crafts For The World, this pattern is a combo of wonders and a beautiful set (THERE IS A MATCHING PAD, TOO)! Stop wasting time and make your pattern and after all, do you know what a quilt is?! The word quilt comes from the Latin culcita, a kind of mattress or pillow filled with something soft and warm and used to lie on or cover. Quilting, which means quilting, and Patchwork are partners in the craft world, and have been together for thousands of years. Lush floral fabrics are just beautiful in this charming quilt. Prints of varying sizes interspersed with white give a carefree personality to simple blocks of stars. The bedspread will look wonderful in a variety of prints and color themes. Use four blocks to make a matching pillow for a coordinated look. Instructions are provided for the red and blue bedspread, as well as the lilac and teal version. The fabrics used in both blankets shown here are from Tilda’s Lazy Days collection. It can be found here while supplies last. The finished quilt, by Tilda, is 54 ″ x 68 ″, while the corresponding pillow is 26 ″ x 26 ″.

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Tilda Lazy Days FOUR BLOCK Quilt & Pillow Kit in Lilac/Teal | 54"x68" |  26"x26"| 8 Point Star Quilt Kit | Mother's Day Gift | Pretty quilt, Quilt  blocks, Quilt kit

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Tilda LazyDays Four Block Quilt Kit Lilac

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