Salt Air Lattice Quilt

An innovative fabric inspired this beautiful Ruth quilt from Ye Olde Sweatshop. Ten-inch layered cake squares combined with white strips, as well as careful placement of colors, create a wonderful design. Any combination of colors and type of fabric will look wonderful with this bedspread. It is great for displaying fabrics, especially prints on a larger scale. Play around with placement to create a color gradation like Ruth did. Or choose a different arrangement for your version. The bedspread was adapted from Ashley’s “Salt Air Layer Cake” tutorial from “Mommy by day Crafter by night”. Ashley’s bedspread is equally attractive and shows how beautiful the bedspread is in a multicolored theme. Notice how the edges differ between the two quilts. Ruth added more blocks for a quilt that ended at 73 “x 81”. She used the large half-hexagon ruler for 10-inch squares to cut the pieces to the edge.

Handmade pieces are on the rise in the decoration segment and you can even abuse the patchwork when decorating any room in your home. The home decoration with patchwork is so comprehensive that you can use even other materials to create the “sewn” effect of the patchwork and not just the traditional printed fabrics. Patchwork home decor will make your home look much more cozy and differentiated! Home Decoration Tips with Patchwork: Patchwork is a technique that consists of joining various pieces of fabric (sometimes with specific seams on the machine, called “quilt”) composing different mixes of formats and design. And in the decoration of your home you can use various pieces with this style of craftsmanship, such as wall frames, armchairs, sofa coverings, curtains, towels, rugs, pillows and headboards, in addition to being able to create this style of craftsmanship yourself. with wallpapers or stickers for tiles, in kitchens or bathrooms.

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Even in an environment already decorated with a more sophisticated decoration, you can incorporate some piece with patchwork. And you can incorporate just one piece, such as a ottoman or armchair, and achieve a beautiful result. But in this case, pay attention only to the colors used in the decoration and the colors of the fabrics that are being used in the piece in question, so that the whole environment looks harmonious. And to create effects on your wall you can choose a wallpaper with a patchwork effect or you can create a patchwork on the wall yourself, starting with a plain color wallpaper to be the base color and adding “ patchwork ”of wallpaper along the entire length of the wall, in the colors or patterns of your choice. And you can do this on the wall of any room in your home, even in the children’s room.

To make beautiful pieces it is important to have knowledge, do you know what it really is ?! Meaning of knowledge: The word knowledge comes from the Latin word cognoscere, which means “act of knowing”. Knowing, in Latin, also comes from the same radical “gno”, present in the Latin language and in ancient Greek, from the word “gnosis”, which means knowledge, or “gnostic”, who is the one who knows. Knowing is the act of apprehending, of being able to abstract laws of understanding and understand something. Knowledge is the attribute of those who know, that is, it is what results from the act of knowing, understanding etc. Knowledge is possible only for human beings. Animals, on the other hand, develop learning mechanisms through practical experience and repetition of experiences, but complex, effective and rational knowledge is only learned by us. This is because the well-structured knowledge that we develop can only be elaborated, organized, coded and decoded by language and by our rational mechanisms (language and reasoning are necessarily interconnected elements, being impossible to determine which has first appeared in the human being, since there is a interdependence between the two).


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