Summer Mist Throw Crochet

Welcome to the Crafts In The World website, here you can search for patterns and renew your pieces, offering your customers and friends modernity, here on this website you will find all the news about this incredible world that is crafts! Crochet is an art that over the years has been growing more and more, so it is important to always keep up to date on what is up in the world of crochet and patchwork. We are here with the intention of helping you to no longer have doubts or problems with your project. Are you ready to start a new project and to acquire new knowledge, expanding your options grid to you, friends, family and customers?! Come with us and be part of this wonderful world of crafts, it is very worthwhile and you will not regret it!

Do you believe that wonders can be done with your own hands? With focus, dedication and patience you will discover that anything is possible. prepared?! Stop spending time and start now, in this matter you will learn a new crochet stitch to add to your list of skills, it is always good to gain more knowledge every day. It’s a piece that looks difficult, but when you get the hang of it and practice with the stitches, everything gets better! Have you heard that saying: “Paratica makes perfect”?? Exactly that, there is nothing better than improving the experience and skill in practice, so we allowed ourselves to do several new projects. Don’t worry, it is normal to have some doubts or thoughts that make us give up… but under no circumstances give up!

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This item is great because it looks good in different ways, such as large pieces, blankets, sofa blankets, bedspreads and cardigans, but nothing prevents you from doing other things in several different sizes and colors, just a few tips for you. it is important to let your imagination and creativity free, so that you can make new pieces and different combinations, resulting in a completely original work. Have fun, crochet is a mixture of calm and satisfaction and makes you happy to see the final result, it is a great hobby! Below are some tips on some of the materials that can be used in the assembly of this project (most likely that most of the items you already have). The point today is called Summer Mist Throw, it looks like a mixture of two points, but it is only one, giving a different and consequently unique designer!

  • One pound of Caron International (100% acrylic, 16 ounces / 454g, 812yds / 742 m):
  • 580 Soft Sage (A): 1 time
  • 613 Lavender Blue (B): 1 time
  • 587 Light Green (C): 1 time
  • 577 Lilac (D): 1 time
  • US size K-10.5 (6.5 mm) or size to get the meter
    wire needle
In the standard, 9 sc = 4 “/ 10 cm and 6 repeated lines = 3 1/2” / 9 cm


Summer Mist Throw - Free Pattern

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